Which WR would you like to see the 49ers draft?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reviewing the WR draft class to date

To review the draft choices I had posted and everyone voted for we all had the feeling Randle and Sanu would pan out. Both McNutt and Streeter were late round choices. Marvin McNutt was released by the Eagles and Tommy Streeter is on IR, so no stats are available for either man. It would appear as though Sanu's production at Rutgers did translate to the NFL and so far has been the best producing WR of the group I selected. Although one could make a case for Randle since he is behind Cruz and Nicks. Quick seems to be doing well on an up and coming rams squad. The WR's taken ahead of these men are doing well. Floyd, Jeffrey, and Hill all performing up to their 1st round status. I personally felt Jeffrey was going to be a bust so his production has been a bit surprising, of course it helps to be on a passing Bears squad that he is on. I had a feeling Hill would do well and considering he is still performing well on a circus squad such as the Jets and the fact that neither Sanchez or Tebow could hit the broad side of a barn at 15 yards is even more surprising that he is doing as well as he is. If only he was in a Niners uniform!